What is the cause of post nasal drip?

Post nasal drip. The most common causes are allergies or chronic sinus infections.
Several things. Most common causes are sinusitis, allergies, exposure to cold weather. Acid reflux can also give you the same sensation. If over the counter treatment for these things does not resolve the problem, see your doctor.

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What can cause massive post nasal drip causing pneumonia when an X-ray shows sinuses clear?

See an ENT. Imaging studies of the sinuses may not always reflect what is present. Even ct scans need to be appropriately directed. This seems to be a serious problem and you should be seen by an experienced ENT specialist.

What can cause post nasal drip into air passage in thoat and what can I do to stop it.

Post nasal drip. Hello. The nasal mucus could be excessive especially during allergy season. I would recommend first a nasal saline wash. Sometimes just removing the pollen from the lining inside your nose is effective. Another option would be an OTC antihistamine like Zyrtec, Allegra or Claritin. Each is available an generic too. Good luck.

What is causing post nasal drip for multiple people in the same house?

Likely allergies. Post nasal drip is the small amt of mucous draining down back of throat. It can occur with viral upper respiratory infections "the common cold". It can also occur with allergic rhinitis "allergies". The home may have dust or may have irritants such as paint fumes, pet hair, cigarette smoke, or other irritants.

What causes post nasal drip. Why do I feel like there is always something in the back of my throat that won't ever clear ever?

Post nasal. Frequent postnasal drip is often caused by excessive dryness created by air conditioning in the summer and dry heat during winter. You may need more humidity in your home or workplace. Chronic paranasal sinus infection, smoking and certain medications like antihistamines are other possibilities but probably not likely in your case.