What age does menopause start?

50.2 years. The average age for natural menopause is 50.2 years old. However, women tend to follow the genetics of their mother. Menopause can also be altered by operations on the internal female organs. Additionally body weight, other medical problems, medications, and smoking can affect age of menopause.
Menopause. Average age is 51, but can be much earlier or later. Family history is usually predictive.

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What age does premenopause or menopause start even with tubal ligation. I'm 37 I don't have any synthoms of menopause but I haven't had my period.

Menopause. Tubal ligation plays no role in when menopause starts. Having had no period warrants checking with a doc, although, if it is only one, you may want to wait until next month. Chances are you will get it then. Read more...