What to do to prevent herpes outbreak?

Your doctor can. prescribe Valtrex (valacyclovir) or another antiviral which can actually help regarding transmission to others. Triggers for cold sores can include illness, stress, fatigue, becoming physically cold, dry air, UV rays (sun), mouth trauma or one's period.
Outbreak. Stress or illness are most common reasons for an outbreak.

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How can I prevent a herpes outbreak?

Rx and OTC. You may have to take a prescription antiviral medication if you experience regular outbreaks. While we aren't exactly sure why outbreaks can be more frequent, we think that avoiding certain triggers like excessive alcohol, fatigue, sun exposure, and stress might help. Two otc supplements that might help lower outbreaks (but not transmission) are l-lysine and lauricidin. Read more...

How can I prevent a herpes outbreak to reoccur? On veltrex everyday for a year

Maybe increase dose. Valacyclovir (Valtrex) is quite effective in reducing the frequency of herpes outbreaks, but not perfect; many people still have outbreaks but at reduced frequency. If that's what's happening, ask your doctor about doubling the dose. The usual dose dose is 500 mg once daily, but 1 g daily often helps and i's harmless (except increased cost). Good luck! Read more...