I have vertigo. No neurology problem was found. Slight front sinus cyst found. Eng/vng hearing test normal. 20 differnt medicines and no cure?

Spinning? Vertigo is defined as an hallucination of movement. The feeling that the room is spinning or that you are moving. As such, it is not the result of sinus infection. It is the result of inner ear or central problems. The one test that you did not describe is an eng which is a specific vestibular exam to determine whether the balance mechanism of the inner ear is normal. Are you sure it's vertigo.
See specialist. Vertigo can often be sign of an inner ear abnormality or even chronic sinusitis. You may need to see an ENT specialist for more diagnostic tests. Certain medication interactions may also be the culprit.
Vertigo. Make sure to see a neurotologist... Also you could consider a neck problem as a factor.