After having twilight anesthesia for an IUD imbedded removal is it normal to be sick to my stomach an have horrible watery diarrhea even 8 hours after?

No. The nausea and vomiting can possibly be explained by the use of an anesthetic. The young, female, non-smoker patient have a higher risk of nausea after an anesthetic than the general population. The diarrhea is not a side effect of anesthesia. Call your provider to ask their opinion.
Post op nausea. Continue that lng, especially if you are taking narcotic pain medication. I can't explain the diarrhea as an anesthetic complication. If it persists, call your doctor.
Call your doc now. For evaluation and treatment as u are in the post op period and you should be asking all ?S and concerns to your doc no matter what time of the day or night ! not normal what u are having call your doc now or go to er if your doc does not respond.