My hida scan showed my gb ef at 15%. My only symtoms are occassional gas & bloating and a tight feeling under the right rib cage. Should it come out?

Likely yes. Would discuss with your GI doctor and or surgeon.
Likely Yes. Symptomatic gallbladder disease is usually resolved with surgery. Consult with your gastroenterologist. Likely yes, surgery. Good luck!
Probably. In addition to hida scan you probably had an ultrasound study to determine presence of gall stones, sludge etc. Indicative of gall bladder disease. 15% ejection fraction after injection of cck is quite low. If test was administered with slow injection of cck usually with gall bladder removed symptoms will improve. The gall bladder either has chronic gall bladder disease or dyskinesia.

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I have pain in my right flank under the rib cage, for 3 weeks. I have nausea and bloating. I got a negative ultrasound andmy hida scan is 36%. Should I go for surgery or not? Any alternate treatments?

See your doctor. This problem can only be solved by seeing your doctor and being evaluated face-to-face. After a thorough examination, your doctor should be able to tell you what's wrong and what to do about it.
Repeat hida scan. The ultrasound study is negative and the hida scan seems to be negative as well. However, the ejection of the gallbladder (36%) is in the lower limit of normal (that was probably done with cck or cholecystokinine). It would be helpful to repeat the test few months later to see if this number improved or decreased overtime. If it decreased, then a gallbladder dysfunction can be surgically treate.
SOD? Sphincter of oddi dysfunction or sod although not very common, should be considered in a patient with your symptoms and negative imaging studies. It is a stricture of the duct that connects the liver and gallbladder to the small bowel and pancreas. See a gastroenterologist for evaluation and possible endoscopy or ercp.