Malaria and typhoid fevers?

BothCauseFeverButDif. Typhoid Fever is a Bacterial Infection caused by a Bacteria Salmonella Typhi.It causes very high fever and is treated with appropriate Antibiotics.It is caused by eating contaminated food and water and is common in many third world countries Malaria is caused by Malaria Parasite which is transmitted to humans by the bite of species of mosquito called Anopheles in Asian,African and Latin America.
Typhoid/ Malaria. Typhoid fever is a bacterial disease that is transmitted through intake of contaminated food or water. Malaria is a parasitic infection (protozoan). Plasmodium (the parasite) is transmitted by mosquito bite.
What is the question. You can get both at the same time. Different diseases with different modes of acquisition.

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I have been experiencing internal fever and headaches. Went to the hospital and got treated for malaria and typhoid repeatedly. Still the same. Intern?

Needs evaluation. It sounds like you were not given the correct diagnosis and I would seek out a 'second opinion'. True, you could have had malaria parasites and were re-infected, but it's quite possible 'something is missing'. Do you have other symptoms? Can you describe the fevers more precisely? Have you had 'exposures' such as mosquitoes or foods? Do family/close contacts have typhoid? What about malaria rates? Read more...

Intermittent high grade fever with sweating and chills on 18yrz old boy for a week? What is the main cause? NB: Malaria and typhoid tests ne

Infection? The main cause for unexplained fever is infection and sometimes it's hard to identify the focus. If fever continues, he may need a thorough work up in the hospital, including blood and other fluid cultures, scans, ultrasounds and a work up for other infrequent causes of fever, such as autoimmune diseases and tumors. Read more...

My son 15 months old has high fever for last 8 days continuous. Managed with pcm and antibiotics. No malaria, dengue, typhoid. Has cough too.?

High fever. Your child needs a complete workup, including complete blood count, esr, CRP and blood cultures.If no source for the fever can be found see a rheumatologist or hematologist for further evaluation. Good luck! Read more...