Can using baby oil as lubricant cause yeast infection?

Kind of. Any petroleum productsare a bad idea for intercourse/outercourse. Use only water based lubricants. The former can cause a variety of infections and desquamative vaginitis as well- the equivalent of skin peeling after a sunburn.

Related Questions

Does using baby oil as sexual lubricant cause a yeast infection?

Not likely. However any significant change in the vaginal acidity or bacterial balance can promote yeast overgrowth.
No! Oral contraceptive needs Progesterone to work. Estrogen by itself may not prevent ovulation or pregnancy.

Does using lubricant (durex) into the vaginal opening right before protected sex (with condom) cause vaginal yeast infection?

No. Unless you are having a reaction to the lubricant which damages tissue leading to secondary infection it will not cause yeast infection. This is very common and predisposed to by antibiotic use, diabetes, immune deficiencies, contamination by a sexual partner, and sometimes just happens. The organism lives in your colon and can get onto the labia and into the vaginal opening.

Can you tell me if I use vege oil as lube, will it cause yeast infection?

No yeast, but... Vegetable oil won't cause yeast infections. However, no oils are very good sexual lubricants; water-based products are much better. They can be purchased at any drug store. In addition, oil can weaken latex condoms, with higher risk of breakage. Never use oil for lubrication if also using condoms for contraception or for STD/HIV prevention.

Can tea tree oil in the bath tub help clear up a yeast infection in a baby?

I wold not do this. In a baby, I would avoid this substance. It could be very unconfortable for a baby and there is not reason to do such. There are much better ways to treat a yeast infection.

Is it safe to use coconut oil to cure my yeast infection? I'm 11 weeks pregnant! And can a yeast infection harm my baby?

Over the counter. Vaginal yeast medications are readily available at any pharmacy. This is the treatment. Coconut oil is not known to be a cure for vaginal yeast. Yeast infections do not have a baby but they are quite uncomfortable for the mother. Since medication is easily available there is no reason to suffer.