Hi, diabetic, hypertens, on lantus (insulin glargine) and amaryl 2x3 glucophage5oox4, novonorm2x3, A1c 9.7 cannot do more excercise due to arthralgia and oa chages?

WEIGHT LOSS CRUCIAL. WEIGHT LOSS IS CRUCIAL : I recommend a gluten free diet &WHOLEAPPROACH.COM/GUTBLISS.COM. If you have any sleep issues I would recommend as sleep study, there is a high overlap of sleep apnea and diabetes. Also I use Topamax (topiramate) in the evening for my diabetic patients it help with sleep/weight loss & improves insulin receptor sensitivity.
We would have no.. Hesitation to stop amaryl, novonorm, add pioglitazone, and glp-1 ra, and a new sglt-2 inhibitor all in effort to reduce hypoglycemic risk if can'y get or too expensive, stop su/glinide and start/titrate rapid analog with meals titrate lantus, (insulin glargine) all assuming patient stayingoff simple carbohydrates see md to translate!
More insulin. When diabetes is this poorly controlled on oral medication, incretin therapy and lantus, (insulin glargine) it is time to add more Insulin into the treatment regimen. You will likely require pre-meal insulin. If you have dyslipidemia (likely you do), controlling it better will also help to improve Insulin sensitivity. However, this has to be discussed between you and your doctor. Please do so soon.

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Iam diabetic since 2003 and stoped ameryl in 2007 to start lantus (insulin glargine) insulin then novo mix 30 in 2009 with metforal 850 what new pills now more effective?

There are a. variety of different medication regimens that can be effective, but you need to couple them to diet, exercise and weight loss. The most effective metformin dose is 1000 mg twice/day. Multiple doses of rapid acting Insulin before meals and a basal Insulin such as glargine at bedtime is better than mixed insulin. Other oral therapies and injectable glp-1 agonists need to be discussed with your docto. Read more...