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I find myself bleeding after intercourse, is this normal?

Cervical trauma? The bleeding is likely resulting from cervical trauma--i.E the tip of the penis hitting the cervice repeatedly during relation, especially your partner is long. This usually resolves spontaneously. Some cervical disease such as polyps, cervictis etc. Can increase bleeding risk with minimal trauma. Consult doc. Good luck.

6 weeks pregnant bleeding after intercourse, is this normal?

Pregnancy bleeding. Any bleeding during pregnancy needs to be evaluated promptly by your doctor. About 50% of women experience some degree of bleeding in early pregnancy making it very common but not normal. Most are fine but sometimes bleeding can indicate a tubal pregnancy or miscarriage. Get checked.

I had a davinci robotic hysterectomy 11 months ago & still have my ovaries. I have been experiencing some bleeding after intercourse. Is this normal?

Difficult to answer. Depends on your age, menopause, you hormone levels from your ovaries. Even without a uterus your body still reacts a same way to hormones which would involve lubrication. If this is less than before friction could cause minor cuts or microscopic lacerations that could explain a little bit of bleeding. LITTLE BIT, if its is significant then check with your GYN. Have in mind I am a Cardiologist ;)

I have moderate bleeding after intercourse 2days after my period. It's like having period all over again. Is it normal? I'm 43.

Not normal but not. Unusual. I would get seen in that heavier bleeding has a chance of being something significant. It usually isn't, though, but u don't wanna get anemic either. It is usually due to irregular ovulation and increased estrogen as you get more mature. It can be controlled by medicine or surgery.

I keep having vaginal bleeding after intercourse I'm on cabergoline prolactin level is 33 what is normal range and when will irregular bleeding stop?

Evaluation. Post coital bleeding is common and could be due to your elevated prolactin levels, but it could also be due to a problem with vagina, or more likely, cervix. I would make an appt with gynecologist just to be sure and have an exam done so in case it's coming from your cervix, from a lesion, etc., you haven't ignored it and it can be treated. Best of luck, .