How bad is appendix surgery?

Depends. If your appendix is not ruptured, you should be able to go home the next day. If ruptured, you will likely require multiple days of IV antibiotics and days in the hospital. Some patients, if done laparoscopically and their appendix is not ruptured, can go home the same day.
Not bad. Usually not bad if done laparoscopically and before the appendix ruptures. Back to work in a week or less.

Related Questions

I had an appendix surgery a week and half ago and today I have bad gas and feel nauseous. Should I be concerned about this?

No. In fact it is a really good sign to be passing gas after surgery. It shows the bowel is working again. Nausea is also common after surgery. If you develop severe increased pain or high fevers, call your doctor. Hope this helps!

What can I expect from appendix surgery?

Get well and go home. Appendix surgery is one of the most commonly performed surgery, considered relatively low risk surgery, that will prevent catastrophic complications. You will have slight pain for couple of days, with early diagnosis and laparoscopic surgery you will go home next day (most of the time)

I supposedly have an intussuscepted appendix. Surgery has been offered, but I don't know what to do. Any recommendation?

Surgery. Intussusception in adults may be caused by a tumor (e.g. Tumor at the tip of the appendix acts as a lead point that causes it to intussuscept). No surgery is without a risk, but if there are no contraindications to surgery with general anesthesia, it is an indicated procedure in this case. The tumor, if present, may be too small to be detected by imaging studies.
Very rare. Isolated intussusception of the appendix is very rare. Are you having symptoms of discomfort? How was it found? Had ct scan? Had colonoscooy to confirm? Little information on treatment of this rare finding unless causing symptoms like pain, bloody diarrhea, endometriosis, etc. Get specialist opinions from GI & surgery.

How long should I wait to run after appendix surgery?

Post op. Depends on your surgeons preference. Most say 4-6 weeks before strenuous physical activity. Better ask the surgeon for sure though.

After appendix surgery, doing intance activities could you develope having hernia? How can you tell if you have hernia or not?

Doing too much. If you lift heavy things, cough a lot, do too much exercise before you're healed, it can cause a hernia. It would be a bulge at an incision which changes size, ie gets bigger with effort then smaller when you relax.
If hurts, don't do it. Wait at least 2 weeks after a lap appy before you do any heavy lifting. We usually rec'd no lifting > 20lbs for 2 weeks. A hernia will present with a bulge that gets bigger with abdominal pressure. A seroma will stay the same size.
Unlikely. Hernias in appendectomy incisions are very rare. The muscles of the abdominal wall overlap in different directions in the right lower quadrant so the open approach rarely causes hernias. Hernias are also unlikely from the port sites after a laparoscopic appendectomy. Obesity increases the risk in both cases and makes detection harder. If in doubt, follow-up with your surgeon.

Hello docs. I was wondering can we eat eggs after appendix surgery?

Yes, usually fine. Eating eggs is totally permissible for those that do not have an appendix, if it was removed for acute appendicitis. On rare occasion, undiagnosed intolerance or allergy to eggs can result in a misdiagnosis of appendicitis. In this case, the symptoms (abdominal pain, diarrhea) will persist after appendectomy, since the allergy is in the intestinal tract. If this is the case, see an allergist.