Can endometriosis be the cause for a skipped period? Having pregnancy symptoms but history of ovarian cysts. Day 39 of a normal 28 day cycle.

Not endometriosis. Endometriosis by itself should not cause a skipped period. A functional ovarian cyst may occasionally delay a period a little, but 11 days late would not be normal. Check a pregnancy test.

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I've had my period twice in one month, I have endometriosis and had ovarian cyst, any answers on what may be going on? Pregnancy, endometriosis, cyst?

Probably not bad but. At your age most bleeding of this type is hormonal but the endo or cyst are also possible causes pregnancy is very unlikely. If it persists, repeat exam is appropriate.
Any of those. Any of what you mentioned may have caused your symptoms. More history and physical evaluation is needed to help determine the true cause of it. However, chances are your period may back to "normal" the next month and if so, you don't need to worry about your transient symptoms.
All of the above. It could be any of those possibilities. Pregnancy is easily ruled out with a pregnancy test however. If those cycles were more than 26 days apart, then the calendar cycles of 2 periods can occur normally in months of 28 to 31 days.