, I'm a 64 year old woman on several medications including blood pressure insulinmorphine prozac (fluoxetine).Lost insurance am I going to die without my meds?

There r options. These meds all sound necessary, but most if not all are available at walmart, where you can get 90 days' worth for $9...You can have withdrawal if u suddenly stop morphine if u have taken a high dose for a long time...Sugars and blood pressure may be out of control off Insulin or BP meds, but depends how severe each condition.See pcp to switch to generics or cheaper options.
There is help. Aside from switching to generics, check with the drug companies. Many of them have patient assistance programs. You need meds. Because, yes, it is possible that you could become critically ill or die of complications of your diseases.
Meds and insurance. I'm very sorry to hear about this! many of the medicines you mentioned are in generic and generally inexpensive. Some doctors have samples of these meds. Med manufacturers also have patient assistance program for those who cannot afford their medications. Your local or county health department is also a valuable resource for med help. I can't say if you'll die without them, but let's not find out!