I still haven't gotten my period yet & am still getting both + & - pregnancy tests. I am so confused. My ins won't pay for blood test yet. What next?

OK, wait. For whatever reason, you are not-diagnostic yes or no to pregnancy by urine pregnancy test, and you do not have the option for blood test. So since there is nothing else you can do for now, best to try to relax, not overly fret over it, and wait until can get blood test (and/or ultrasound) to find out for sure. Can also wait a week and take another home pregnancy test, as should be easier to read.

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I had 15 at home pregnancy tests come up positive. 15th one happened this morning. Went and got blood test today. Says neg? Confused! Help?

Rely on the blood. Home pregnancy test are not necessarily right all the time. I am not sure if you have a bad batch. I would also make sure that the blood test was a quantitative test with a number. I would also recommend to repeat the blood test one more time.