My mom is a renal failure patient. Protein is going out in her urine. Can u advice me what kind of food she can intake in able to control protein?

Proteinuria. You need to provide more information. Did your mother's physician give her the reason for her proteinuria? Was it due to diabetes or due to some glomerular disease of the kidney? If she on dialysis? If she is on dialysis, she can speak to her nephrologist and dietician about her protein loses. If not on dialysis, have her go to a nephrologist for a work up of her proteinuria to find its cause.
Managing proteinuria. Proteinuria, protein in the urine, rarely has anything to do with dietary protein intake. The level of proteinuria usually indicates the level of active damage being done or severe chronic kidney damage. Treating the underlying disease is the important. Generic ways to decrease proteinuria also include: low sodium diet, NSAID avoidance, BP & dm control, and certain medications.