I was told I had gonorrhea and a yeast infection and I was treated for it. Now I have sime bumps, a clearish-white discharge and itching. What is it?

Possible yeast . If you are referring to a whitish "cottage cheese like" vaginal discharge which started after antibiotics, you could have a yeast infection. You could try treating it by buying a vaginal cream like monistat of go see your doc for a prescription. Also, in the future, to avoid infections, protected sex is a really good idea.
Get tested . There are many things that can cause something like this but herpes would be my worry. Get tested soon and avoid intercourse until then.
Re see your doctor. It is not clear what is occurring the possibilities include a reinfection or lack of cure as examples. You should be rechecked. Would also have your sexual partner or partners checked as well before reengaging in any sexual activity. Suggest using appropriate barrier protection from now on.
What is it? It is time to go back to the physician who diagnosed and treated you for the original infection. Every so often, there will be a treatment failure, but you won't know until you see your physician.
Here are some ... Congratulate for gathering general consensus on practicing safe sex and revisiting Doc for reevaluation from posting this Q. Known to us, the host of gono & yeast tends to have other coexisting STDs notably chlamydia and trichomonas so these have to be tested, treated, and followed; of course, do the same for sexual partners. So, ask Doc timely for detail, care, & counseling.