What interactions could citalopram have when taken along side of adderall (dextroamphetamine and racemic amphetamine)? Could it cause increased impulsive speech, insomnia and racing thoughts?

Yesi. Citralopram -as can any sari can push a vulnerable person into mania or hypo mania that could manifest with the symptoms you mention-not really likely to be related to any real interaction with adder all.Use or addition of citralopram could reveal a previously unrecognized or new presentation of a "bipolar like" mood disorder-speak to your dr should stop citralopram probably.
Manic like reactions. Citalopram alone or in combo with a stimulant can cause exciteability and hypomanic if not manic or psychotic symptoms. Though not frequent, not entirely uncommon. Beware of diagnosing bipolar based on a drug reaction, but proper diagnosis is also an issue. Best to have close follow up with start of ssris and as soon as one has adverse reactions a call/visit to the prescribing doc right away.