I have had psoriasis since I was little. No treatment yet has gotten rid of it and now it is spreading all over. Any suggested methods/medicines?

There are good ones. Depending on what your dermatologists have given you there are many medications: topical, light therapy, oral medication and injection or infusion medications . Some of the new biologic medications can do a great job, but there are side effects and precautions and you need to be carefully evaluated before these medications can be used. They are excellent therapies.
Need more detail. For extensive posriaisis underlying causes are wheat allergy, strep, or mycoplasma. Blood tests may reveal an a contributing cause. A high also tiger - strep, or mycoplasma are treated with low dose antibiotics. A positive allergy test for wheat can resolve psoriaisis. Methotrexate, enbrel, (etanercept) stelar a are systemic treatment options.See a dermatologist with experience with these treatments.