Is it healthy to be in a relationship where the male is two years younger than the female?

Relationships. Two years does not usually make a significant difference except in the early years. A young 18 year old man is likely to show more difference than a 32 year old man in a relationship with a 34 year old woman. Assess the quality of the relationship, this should be the most important factor. Best.
Age in relationships. That depends! age is less a factor than the other elements, such as maturity, compatibility, mutual respect, putting the other person first, common interests and beliefs, is it legal, etc. I've seen many successful relationships where large gaps in age existed; i've seen others where little gap existed but the relationship was on the rocks.
2 years younger. In my opinion this difference in year is that of significant. But what is more important than other elements in the relationship be present .His includes trust, communication, respect, realistic expectations from each other, the ability not to fear you say no, and the understanding of each other sexual needs. Setting realistic boundaries is also an important element.