Is chlomid a good start with trying to conceive?

Depends. For some people, it's a great start. Before starting anything, it's good to figure out which category (sperm, egg, tubes, uterus) is contributing to the difficulty. For some patients with egg problems, Clomid (clomiphene) is good.
It depends. Clomid (clomiphene) is usually the initial recommended treatment for infertility believed to be due to anovulation (polycystic ovarian syndrome) or unexplained infertility. However, it is unlikely to work in cases of severe sperm quality abnormalities or tubal obstruction, and may not be the initial recommended treatment. Thus, an infertility evaluation by one's doctor is the best initial step one can take.

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Been trying to conceive for the past 5 months no results please help. Have been on Clomid (clomiphene) for 2 cycles, no results?

Evaluation. First it depends on the cause of infertility. If you had a full work-up already then that helps to decide the next step. If you have not had a full workup then I would recommend that now. In order to really design a plan for you it is important to know the cause if at all possible.

I am trying to conceive for 2.5years but nothing happens my all tests are normal I have Clomid (clomiphene) also what should I do more?

Seek help. If you have been trying this long and want to have a baby, you should see a fertility doctor who can recommend treatment and monitor you while you are on it.

Trying to conceive second baby with clomid (clomiphene).Dr advices duphastan from 21 st day for 10 days. Had for seven days and stopped. Is there problem with it.

Why stop? . If your doctor advised you to take it for ten days why did you stop after seven? With infertility treatments timing is very important. Your doctor needs to know exactly what you are taking and when to ensure the highest possible chance of success. If you disagree with the doctors plan communicate your concerns and discuss options together.

I have been trying to conceive for 2 years. I have done 3 rounds of Clomid (clomiphene) with no luck. I have another appointment next week. What are my next option?

IVF? Without knowing the details of your case; and if you have exhausted all other options; then most likely either in vitro fertilization; or adoption will be your next step. It is really difficult to offer advise through cyber space because the devil is in the details; and without knowing all of them commenting is really hard. Best advise is be positive; and have your doctor guide you. Good luck!
Consult. Many questions would still need to be answered: your age, have you completed all tests such as a hsg (hysterosalpingogram), sa (semenanalysis) on your partner, amh level or fsh, lh and estradiol, do you ovulate on Clomid (clomiphene) by testing a progesteron level? If you have not had these tests, make sure you do and then have another consult. If there are issues then you might see an infertility specialist.
I have questions... Were you monitored on clomid (clomiphene)? If you didn't have blood hormone testing and ultrasound monitoring, it could be why you didn't conceive. Do you have regular menstrual cycles? If so, Clomid (clomiphene) is designed for women who don't ovulate... Have you seen a board certified reproductive endocrinologist? They specialize in finding out why you're not pregnant to best help you conceive.
Check workup. Make sure all tests were completed including your hsg or dye test, a semenanalysis on your husband, an amh level to check your ovarian reserve, TSH and prolactin levels. Did they see how many follicles you had on Clomid (clomiphene) by doing an ultrasound at midcycle? Did they do inseminations? Did they check your Progesterone level day 22 or 7 days after supposed ovulation? Ask those questions & get back to.

I've been trying to conceive for the last year and a half with no luck. For the past two cycles I have been on Clomid (clomiphene) starting at 50 mg and 100mg resp?

Bad plan. Politely - if you are actually 41 years, and you have been trying for 1 and 1/2 years, and you are on Clomid (clomiphene) you are way behind. Talk with your doctor or get a second opinion, your remaining time is not being used very wisely.

I have trying to conceive for a full year now. We have taken clomid starting in June of this years, so this makes this cycle number 6 on clomid. This cycle has been odd. I got a positve opk on cd 12 and per my doctors orders started taking oral progestor

Too many issues. It is not possible to address all of the possible issues here in the space allowed. Unless you manage to conceive this cycle, you need to pull back, reevaluate everything and consult a specialist (reproductive endocrinologist). Good luck.

I been on Clomid (clomiphene) and metformin for three months trying to conceive with no luck. How long does it take to work?

It may not. Clomid (clomiphene) does not work for everyone. If your doctor is monitoring your day 21 Progesterone to see if it is triggering ovulation then they can tell you the status.
Check out these. Links. Consider seeing a fertility specialist for u and your husband if everything else fails. Godspeed! Http://health. Howstuffworks. Com/pregnancy-and-parenting/pregnancy/conception/ten- tips-for-optimal-conception. Htm. Http://m.voices. Yahoo. Com/10-herbs-promote-fertility-increase-chances-2491984.html.