Had a baby 7 months ago then 2 months later had tubal ligation now my periods are heavy and clotty I have lower back pain and fatigue and nausea?

Ablation. Would be a good chiice to take care of this. Also have ur thyroid checked.
Periods. Your periods can become heavier with more clotting after having children. People are often quick to blame the tubal ligation as a cause, but this is not the case. Most of the time, people are on birth control or pregnant and don't see any change in their periods. However, after a tubal ligation, you have to hope that your periods are normal and light, but they may change after childbearing.

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I am 37 years old, I had a tubal ligation in '99, but since 02/24/14 I haven't had a period. I do have nausea and lower back pain, and feel bloated.

Get a Pregnancy Test. Very rarely, a tubal ligation may fail. If so, it is very important to find out. Get a pregnancy test. If negative then other factors including early menopause may be present. If positive an ultrasound is needed to make sure there is not an ectopic pregnancy. See your gyn. Read more...

Last mp I had was 09/20 & have abdominal cramping lower back pain nausea fatigue and mild headaches. Had a tubal ligation in 2006 neg pt 11/12 & 11/13?

Amenorrhea. Severe stress (emotional or externally caused) can stop regular ovulation. Without ovulation, a "period" will not occur. Get a serum HCG test to be certain you are not pregnant. Tubal ligations are not 100%, but pregnancy is very rare. Most likely your symptoms are from either an oncoming period or a urinary tract infection. See your healthcare provider for testing and reassurance. Read more...