I'm trying to get pregnant and my hubby and I want a boy. Is there a way to do so? I heard a day before ovulating have sex...Is there anything else?

Yes... There are only two scientifically validated methods of having a child of a chosen gender: a) processing sperm and using that specially selected sperm to inseminate the woman; and b) in-vitro fertilization with pgs - eggs are retrieved from the woman, fertilized with sperm to make embryos, and the embryos are tested to for gender; then, the desired gender embryo is put in her uterus.
Depends. If you have a lot of disposable income you can try IVF with gender embryo selection. This is all out of pocket.If you are looking for a sex position,timing, or other such myth, they are not real.The gender is determined by the sperm that arrives and fertilizes the egg. Sex deposits roughly equal number of male/female carrier sperm. The outcome is random.
Sperm sorting vs PGD. For gender selection - 1. Sperm sorting (microsort) - may increase isolation of gender of interest to 75-90% depending on whether male or female. It involves intrauterine insemination after sperm is processed. 2. Pgd - >99% success in gender selection. It involves the use of in vitro fertilization, biopsy of the embryo. It can be costly.