Why isn't my periodontist suggesting gum grafting due to recession when it is obviously needed to me? Rather not ask him directly.

Obvious? It may not be so simple when you carefully consider all the options. If you have a periodontist, start the conversation there or if you aren't comfortable, consider finding another one. Sometimes grafts aren't the answer...
Communication. All professionals are used to questions from patients. You need to ask, and they will give you an explanation. If the explanation is not adequet, or you are not satisfied, i suggest a second opinion from a respected and qualified source.
Why not? You should ask him directly, he is the one taking care of your periodontal needs, and is in the best position to give you the answer to your question. We could only guess why not. Possible reasons are poor prognosis, not as bad as you think, doesn't realize that is something you are concerned about or want, feels it's not necessary, etc. Ask and you shall receive (the answer).