Why do your feet hurt for no known reason? The foot dr. Says they are normal but all my shoes hurt my feet.

See a different doc. If you have pain there is a reason. Maybe not enough support in the shoe, maybe small nerve fiber disease, maybe a back problem emanating in the foot. .....
Always a reason... Most shoes aren't that bad, usually it's the crummy insoles they come with! there are many possibe reasons that you may have pain in the feet, but try arch supports like spenco polysorb insoles (http://www.Spenco.Com/products/footcare/poly-sorb) and otc anti-inflammatories (like aleve). If these don't help, see a podiatrist.
Wrong shoes. If your feet hurt in all your shoes, either you have a foot deformity or you are wearing the wrong size/style of shoe. I am always amazed at patients who wear a shoe that is clearly too short and/or narrow for their foot and can't understand why they have pain in them. If your feet also hurt without shoes, the condition may not be shoe-related. See a podiatrist.