Have enlarged pituitary& macroadenoma, labs normal but hypothyroid. Lower edema, facial hair, vertigo, hot cold int, emotional outburst. Not on optic nerve yet. Neurosurgeon said it's fine to leave alone?

Should be watched . You have a low thyroid hormone for other reasons as well. If you have bleeding, hormone elevations or visual changes from a pituitary tumor, you may need surgery.
Pituitary size. A tumor which is not secreting increased hormones doesn't need to be removed unless optic nerve compression is identified. Removal will most likely lower other hormone levels and the need for steroid as well as female hormone replacement may be needed. A syndrome of increased pituitary size in association with hypothyroidism is also known. Thyroid replacement may shrink the pituitary size.
Get a second opinion. If you truly have a macro adenoma, it probably needs surgery or other therapy. See an endocrinologist and another neurosurgeon.