For about 6 months I have been very gassy. Could there be something wrong? I haven't changed my diet so not sure why I have so much gas.

Gallstones maybe. You may have gallstones that occasionally impair the ability of the gallbladder to eject concentrated bile into your duodenum, which it does in response to fat in your food. Whenever fats and proteins are incompletely digested, bacteria in your colon eat them and produce more gas. Fix is dietary and possibly gallbladder removal. Diagnosis by ultrasound.
Flatulence. Stress can lead to altered eating habits - including rushing when you eat, gulping your food, and not taking time to chew. Many who are stressed sigh, take shallow breaths and even hold their breath. New onset lactose-intolerance can occur out of the blue. Consider eliminating cream, milk, cheeses, and yogurt to see what happens.