I had a lump in my left breast about 7 months ago and I had a mammogram the doctor said it was nothing lately it has enlarged significantly?

Enlarging lump. Go back to your doctor to get re evaluated. If you feel like you have an enlarging lump, it needs to be addressed despite what the mammo/physical exam showed 7 months ago.
Ultrasound. The best test for a palpable mass in the breast is an ultrasound. Even if the mammogram is negative. Hope this helps.
Plz C Breast Surgeon. While a normal mammogram is reassuring, as many as 10% of cancers will not be seen by mammography. Therefore, if you have a palpable lump, you should be seen by a breast surgeon. Using a combination of physical examination, ultrasound, +/- biopsy, they will get to the bottom of this. Don't delay!

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Persistent pain at 9oclock in left breast for a year. Last week doctor found lump but ultrasound and mammogram showed nothing. What now?

Biopsy. While pain is not a characteristic of a tumor, regardless of what mammo or sono shows, the presence of a palpable lesion requires clarification. That is either a true cut needle that must show pathology and not normal tissue or an excisional biopsy under local anesthesia. Too many malignancies are watched until the have grown because mammo or sono considered neg. Read more...
The chance of. of malignancy is low in light of the negative mammo and ultrasound, but next step should probably be an evaluation by a breast surgeon. . Read more...