Please suggest a positive (work?)book to help: born w/adhd, years of physical/emotion/sexual abuse by parent, now has c ptsd, bipolar 2, & borderline.

Possibility. This sounds like an extremely complex situation that would benefit more from working individually with an experienced psychologist or psychiatrist. However, the mind-body workbook for ptsd by block(s) may be a nice accompaniment to your own more individualized therapy. Good luck to you.
The Courage to. Heal is a book that can help you alongside psychotherapy and support groups for survivors of sexual a use. It will take time to read and work on these issues, take your time and consult with your therapist as you work on these difficult issues.

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I've got bpd. And bipolar 1, and ptsd, and body dysmorphic disorder. On lithium, but I'm a mess. Paranoid, I need help. Sexual abuse from 5-11 yrs?

Therapy ; meds. Sounds like you need therapy with someone who works with bpd ; also someone following your meds with your background you likely have trust ; control issues. ; expect negative outcomes--need to try to keep these from getting in the way of your treatment helps to have friends and or family you trust who can give you ferdback. Read more...