Is antibiotic prophylaxis for dental procedures recommended for those with pacemakers? I didn't think so...

Definitely, no. Antibiotics have never been recommended for people with pacemakers or defibrillators. Hope it helps.
Not usually. You are correct. As a general rule, we don't usually prescribe premedication for patients with pacemakers, unless of course there are other medical or dental reasons to do so, or the cardiologist requests or suggests it. If you were prescribed premedication, ask for the reason why.
Probably not. Ur cardiologist has the ultimate day...Ask him/her.
Generally, no. New guidelines published in jacc 2008;52:676-685. Do not indicate need for treatment with pacemakers. The exception to this may be in a very new pacer with a very high risk of infection (such as intraabdominal abscess) but that would likely get antibiotic treatment anyway.
No. Just having a pacemaker alone does not mean you need antibiotics before a dental procedure.
No unless Rx'd by MD. Those with pacemakers (and no other medical concerns) need only take antibiotics for dental treatment if they were prescribed by their md.
Not encountered. Have many patients with pacemakers and have not seen any recommendations for prophylaxis.
No not recommended. Antibiotic prophylaxis prior to dental treatment is not indicated for patients with pacemakers. The latest recommendations are to use antibiotic prophylaxis in any procedure that can cause bleeding (cleaning extraction etc) when there are specific medical conditions present and pacemaker is not on that list.

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