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Period over 24 days late. Dark brown stringy mucous discharge & brown spotting for two days now 3 negative OTC pregnancy test no pregnacy symptoms?

See your doctor. If you had unprotected sex, not on a birth control and 24 days late, its advisable to see your doctor for proper evaluation/rule out of pregnancy. You can also use this visit to discuss with your doctor which birth control would be appropriate for you. Please always remember to practice safe sex (use condoms). Know that birth control will not protect from sexually transmitted diseases. Take care.
Not sure. Missed/late period: low body wt, obesity, weight ^ or v, ^exercise, endurance athletics, breast-feeding, stress, illness, eating disorders (bulimia or anorexia), anovulatory cycle (no egg released), travel, perimenopause, just starting menstruation, hormone irregularities, drug use, meds (i.e., birth control) or medical problems (i.e., polycystic ovary syndrome). #1 reason is pregnancy.