Will exercise will reduce my breast size?

While weight loss. Through exercise will help some women reduce their breast size, many young women tell me that their breast size stays pretty much the same, despite weight changes. In that case, a surgical breast reduction may be the next step.
Possibly. It all depends on how much weight you lose. Exercise in and of itself will not reduce your breast size. However, if you lose a significant amount of body fat, it likely will. Your breasts are made of fatty tissue and will proportionately decrease in size along with other parts of your body as you lose body fat.

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How can breast size be reduced. Through medication or exercise.

If you are . Overweight, wt loss may help. If tender than birth control pills may help discomfort. There aren't many good solutions outside of surgical reduction, thus the procedure is frequently done. Try weight loss first and see, if that applies. Good luck. Read more...

How to reduce breast size? Is there any proper diet and exercise for that?

Difficult. Spot reduction is really not possible. When you lose weight you really can't direct it to one specific area. If your interest is reducing breast size because of symptoms you are experiencing, such as neck, back and shoulder pain, you may want to investigate breast reduction surgery. For those who have attempted weight loss to no avail, breast reduction would be the next best option. Read more...