About twice a month I get a very itchy rash on the inside of my foot. What could this be?

Fungus or allergy. The two most common reason would be a fungus or an allergy. Luckily, there is a product that would treat both. Ask your doctor for a trial of lotrisone (clotrimazole and betamethasone)...Using this periodically may solve the problem!

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I get really sweaty feet and a really sore and very very itchy rash on the arch of my foot and it hurts to walk so much after.?

Fungus Among Us. Sweaty feet can sometimes be treated by using regular tea and soaking once one to two times a day for 2 weeks but with the rash is best to be evaluated by a podiatrist to make sure that rash is treated appropriately. A bacterial and fungal infection which happen frequently with your condition of hyperhidrosis (sweaty feet).

Been indoors all week, but I've developed very itchy rash on my foot. I think it's my anxiety disorder messing with me again. Is that possible?

Anxiety Disorder. I understand your concern about very itchy rash on your foot. Anxiety Disorder can affect the skin and cause or contribute to the rash. Believe in yourself and your achievements. Do not avoid your feelings. Use Music, Breathing Relaxation; Visual Imagery, Yoga, Meditation and Tai Chi. Have Intensive Therapy and medications with a Psychiatrist for stresses. See a Dermatologist.

What to do if I have a itchy rash on my foot what is it I need a doctor its driving me crazy?

Without seeing it. I would recommend a combination of steroid and antifungal cream.
Can't tell you what. To do without knowing what it is. These lesions need to be visualized & a history needs to be obtained in order to make an accurate diagnosis. Sometimes lab testing or biopsy is necessary.

What can I do for an itchy rash on my foot?

Hydrocortisone cream. You can try this first. If worsens or feels to resolve, see Podiatrist or Dermatologist.
Depends on cause. This rash would need to be examined, a history obtained & other tests may be necessary in order to diagnose it. Usually the lesions needs to be identified to determine the solution.

I have a dark itchy rash on the top of my foot. What should ido?

Go see your doctor. Infection? Allergic reaction? Bug bit? Can't diagnose, much less recommend therapeutic options based upon your description. Go see your family doc or dermatologist who can examine you, make diagnosis & offer you appropriate treatment (if indicated).
Concerning. Anytime you have dark skin discoloration, it could be very soon. Please get it checked out by your podiatrist.
Rash. Ringworm, tinea, yeast, fungus....All dark, all itchy.....You should see your pcp, dermatologist, or podiatrist asap...
1 foot or both? If 1 foot it is chronic nummular dermatitis which will improve with a prescription steroid cream. It is not contagious and the cream is safe. First the itch will stop, then the color will slowly (months) fade.

I had surgery on my foot a week ago. Today I woke up with a painful, itchy rash that started on palms but has spread all over. What could it be?

Ck your post op meds. If you have palmer rash from post-op, and were placed on antibiotics, or other meds, you must consider if this could be a possibility or not. In either case, contact your foot doctor, or surgeon, and let her/him know about it, so they can advise you further. This is best done in person. You don't want this getting out of hand, and compromising your health.
Rash. See the prescribing physician as this certainly sounds like an allergic reaction.