So using antibiotic ointment for inside my nose is ok?

In general yes. I frequently have my patients use antibiotic ointment in their nose. I just don't like them to use antibiotic appointments that contained neomycin. Neomycin sometimes can cause sensitivity and allergic reactions.
When appropriate- When one has an active infection or as a peri operative "bundle" to avoid a hospital acquired infection, yes. However, using abx ointment daily, without a clear reason or duration of therapy, it is not ok- the development of antibiotic - resistant organism will result.

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Is using antibiotic ointment for inside my nose ok?

Antibiotic ointment. Hello, I recommend using an antibiotic called mupiricin within your nose. This medication has the indication to be used inside. It is an ointment that your doctor needs to prescribe for you. If you use the otc brands, your nose could develop an inflammation worse than the infection you are treating.

What kind of antibiotic ointment for cut inside my nose?

Those lesion. The most important thing is to verify the diagnosis. Many lesions grow at the entrance to or inside the nose which need to be diagnosed by dermatologist or your nose and throat person. See one of the above and have a diagnosis made and then get advice for the exact problem.

Inside my nose had been dry and sore for days. What can I do? Olive oil, a&d, and antibiotic ointment not helping

Wrong meds. Those substances can actually make the nose more dry. There are over the counter saline gels made for noses to moisturize them. One brand is ayr gel. Try that. If it doesn't help you may need specific medical treatment for various conditions. See an ENT doctor.
Dry nose. Add a humidifier to the bed room along with the ointment five times a day. Fill a qtip with the ointment and twirl it in the nose like the scene on rocky. (the movie: just before mic cuts the eyelids to get the edema out so he could see to fight). Irrigate the nose with saline every two hours and your dry nose will disappear. If not, see an ent.