Can a simple cincussion cause temporary episodes if loss of vision?

Concussion. Concussion is associated w a short temporary black out of vision. Vision usually resolves unless there is brain, optic nerve or eye damage.
And Other Things. More and more is being learned about concussions. Obvious symptoms may include fatigue, nausea, blurred vision, pain upon light exposure.And headaches. Subtle symptoms include " muddy thinking", slow reflexive response, poor school work etc.Final resolution may take months. There are validated tests and specialists for proper evaluation and they should be used.
Concussion. Depending on how your injury occurred, a concussion can affect vision. Some people are hit on the back of the head, where the visual cortex is located. If you hit that part of your head, you may have temporary changes in vision. If the vision does not return to normal in an hour or so, seek medical help from your primary doctor and local ophthalmologist.