How risky is a tuburous breast correction surgery? Estimated price? Overall success rate?

Safe. Tuberous breast correction is usually a safe procedure. The most common procedure is a breast augmentation with circumareolar lift and radial scoring of the breast parenchyma. Price for such procedure usually ranges between 5000 and $7000.
Not very risky all. $5-7k. Breast is dissected off of the pec muscle & incisions are made into th back of the gland like the sections of an orange. Then, an implant is placed to splay the tissue out. Usually, fairly successful.
Depends on severity. Tuberous ( constricted ) breast varies in severity & characterized by a small & narrow base diameter with large "herniated" nipple/areola. Ttreatment varies as well. Mild to moderate forms are generally treated with an implant, relaxing incisions that widen the breast base & a "donut" lift to decrease the areola prominence. Fat transfer has recently demonstrated results as well. Cost = ~ 5-12k.
Safe. The extent of the surgery depends on the severity of the condition, for milder cases implants alone may correct (with scoring of the tight tissue internally) while more severe cases require some adjustment of nipple or even a lift. Either way, safety and recovery is similar to a breast augmentation.
Fat grafting. Tuberous or constricted breast can also be treated with a combination of fat grafting and fibrous band releases. It is an effective outpatient treatment without implants. $5-9k.