Does a ring worm itch?

Yes, but not always. Typically ringworm does tch. I've seen some patients who do not complain of itching (especially early on). They an otc antifngal cream on the skin to see if that will help. If you are worried about it in the scalp, be sure to see your doctor.

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I have a skin infection. It itches very bad And seems to spread. Some say its ring worm. I use withfield ointment but does not help. Your thoughts?

See a dermatologist. Your question is too vague. Infection??? Where? How long? Etc., etc. Whitfield ointment is an old prescription for certain dermatophyte infections. Dermatologists abandoned it 50 years ago in favor of much more effective remedies. For best result you must begin with a diagnosis. "A skin infection" does not define anything. Try again with the DETAILS.

The ring worm on my hand seems to not go away. But if the ring worm is gone could it be eczema that took its place. It itches like crazy. & with heat?

Possibly. It could even have been eczema from the beginning; sometimes they're hard to tell apart. Make sure you're using hypoallergenic skin cleansers and lotions, and if you've already used a fungal cream 3 times daily for 2 weeks without improvement, stop that and start Hydrocortisone 1% ointment 2 times daily. If not improving after a few days, please see your doctor soon.
Yes. You could have a contact allergy to the topical medication you use for treating the ringworm.

Rash, no itching, slight burning before noticed out break. Rash look different one ring worm appearance other cluster. Electric 5 to 10sec Stan pain thigh. Pink joint catching sticking. Wheeze headaches daily?

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