Need jowels lifted & slight neck lift. One dr. Does smart lipo & fat transfer. Other dr. Does traditional face lift? Will the results be the same?

No. Smart lipo and fat transfer can be used in addition to facelifts. Depending the extent of your condition, either may improve your jowls and lipo dystrophy.. But all things considered, lipo will not provide the same extent of results as a formal facelift.
Traditional facelift. There is a reason that facelift has stood the test of time. Stay away from smart lipo and fat transfer.
Diff Op=Diff result. If a patient has jowling and tissue laxity in the neck then fat transfer should not be considered. Smartlipo can provide some skin tightening but not as much as a traditional facelift. These two procedures are different, they have different indications and the results are definitely different.
No. You get what you pay for with plastic surgery. There are no "miracle cures." i would ask the doctors that you consulted with to show you some pictures of patients that look like you and see what they consider to be "good results." that will help you decide what you should do. The less invasive procedures are designed for less dramatic problems and you really cannot fairly compare the two.
Facelift? A facelift involves restoring sagging tissues to a better position and then redraping and removing excess skin. Often in a facelift combined with a neck lift, liposuction can be performed too. However, liposuction will not substitute for the lifting procedures. Fat transfer can restore volume does not account for excess skin.
No. While both approaches can given excellent results in particular cases, they are different. Smartlipo and fat transfer redistributes fat around your face and is particularly helpful in faces which have lost significant volume. A facelift lifts and repositions loose and sagging skin and soft tissue of the face. The appropriate choice depends on your anatomy. Consult with a facial plastic surgeon.
Not equivalent. I have some concerns with use of the smart lipo around the neck, jawline and face. Removing fat is not equivalent to tightening the skin and is the same difference between abdominal liposuction and a tummy tuck. They simp.Y are not equivalent and will accomplish different results with different potential complications.
Very different. Unless the skin is tight around the neck and jowl area you will obtain optimal results with a facelift. Liposuction is best for localized fat in the region below the chin.
No Way. Beware of the smart lipo/fat transfer doctor. My guess is they are not a plastic surgeon. You can't lift jowls or necks with fat transfers or lipo. You can only lift by removing skin. Please make sure that you see a surgeon certified by the american board of plastic surgery.