Bmi 40+, lack of addiction so far to phentermine, is it safe to take it longer than a year? My dr. Is mentioning surgery instead...

Never any reported. Phentermine ihas never been shown to be addictive. It can have some stimulating side effects more so in some patients that others, that is why a patient is monitored monthly, for wt loss, BP pulse.I have many patients safely on Phentermine maintenance for years the stimulatory side efects generally disappear in 4-6 mo.There are 2 ways Phentermine works.Decr. Hunger for 4-6 mo, milder decr calories.
SURGERY WORKS. Much of the preparation for surgery will help you toward a more healthy lifestyle.
Can loose muscle. The danger of using stimulants and suppressing appetite is essential muscle loss - will end up with gut gangrene with loss of intestines or getting heart attack - need a healthy weight loss program.