I know I have that sweating disease cuz my armpits swaet so bad threw everything to the point where last summer they dripped down my arm. What do I do?

Sweaty disease. You have what is called hyperhydrosis.There are various options to treat this condotion 1.You can try prescription antipersprent like drysol 2 Botox injections in axilla can be effective but need to be repeated 4-6 months 3 anticholinergic drugs like glycopyrolate may be tried 4 iantophoresis may be helpful done by dermatologist 5last resort is surgery.Thoracic sympathectomy you should consult md.
See your doctor. There are good treatments for hyperhidrosis (sweating too much). First, make sure you are not on a medicine that contributes - some anti-depressants commonly cause this. Before stopping them, however, discuss it with your doctor. Injecting Botox can be extremely helpful. Also there is a chemical called drysol that can be applied before bed and works great as well.