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I have been having sharp pains around the heart area. And my left breast has been hurting me. My left arm felt numb for a couple of minutes (related?

Go to the hospital. Go to the hospital urgently. They are symptoms that could be a heart attack. You are very young but your risk is not zero especially since I don't know what risk factors you may have. If a heart condition is ruled out, it could be musculoskeletal inflammation, acid reflex, etc.

I have been getting sharp pains that only last a second located above the left breast. It's been occurring maybe one an hour whether I'm laying or moving. No other symptoms, but because it's close to my heart should I be concerned? Also my left arm down t

Chest wall pain. Very unlikely due to heart in this scenario. Chest wall structures (muscles, rib cage) are more likely. Does it worsen with deep breath? Tender to press on? Do you smoke? If it increases or persists, see your PCP.
Prinzmetal's angina. Is a possibility and needs to be ruled out before diagnosing it as a chest wall pain. Wearing a holter monitor can help. For more information click here--> http://www. Ncbi. Nlm. Nih. Gov/pubmed/15293589.

Pain in heart, left breast, left arm tingles and sometimes aches. Is it low vitamin d or potassium?

Neither. Neither low vitamin D nor low potassium would typically cause arm tingles or aches. Low calcium can sometimes cause arm tingles and muscle spasms. Please talk with your doctor if you have other undiagnosed pains.

I'm 27 having pain around left breast and weak left arm could this be cardiac related. Also with this I've been having bad heart burn and tendonitis?

Left breast pain. Seek medical attention. While you are young, you need to have a discussion with your health provider regarding your particular risk factors, and what next steps should be taken.
Not likely but. Heart pain due to coronary artery disease is very unlikely at age 27. Coronary pain is more often in the center of the chest and It doesn't cause weakness in an arm. Having said that, if your problem continues you must see a physician for proper diagnosis. For a patient video on coronary heart pain see: http://bit. Ly/1A6oZo0 heartburn see: http://bit. Ly/ZquHBK tendonitis: http://bit. Ly/1zzg2o6.