How can I loose weight?

Diet and Exercise. The goal is to burn more calories than you consume. Watch your diet-eliminate junk food and don't over eat. Consider liquids as well-soda, alcohol, etc contains a lot of calories. Exercise multiple times a week. If you find an activity you really enjoy you'll be more likely to engage in that activity. Avoid fad diets that could prevent you from getting adequate nutrition. Make healthy choices!
Usual ways. Weight control is all about a proper diet, but not dieting. A life style change is what is needed. Avoid soft drinks like coke. One can of coke per day leads to 12 pounds of weight gain per year. Avoid a lot of bread, rice, pasta and real starchy foods and eat more fruits and vegetables. Eat breakfast. Try not to eat after supper. Try to not eat everything on your plate.

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How can I loose weight?

Eat less. Eat less and be more active. Portion control is very important. Especially where fatty and fried foods are concerned. Try to eliminate empty calories in the form of sugar drinks. If using milk, switch from whole to 2% and eventually to skim milk. Choose lean cuts of beef. Increasing fiber in your diet from fresh fruits and vegetables can help you feel fuller on fewer calories.
Eat less ; exercise. The key to losing weight is not a temporary diet but permanent changes. Sugars ; simple carbs from grains esp. Cause weight gain. It's also wise to avoid fried foods. I like dr. Furhman's diet: http://bit. Ly/1dhw9ht dr. Weil has useful info: http://huff. To/19ygs8y- see his "discuss that" link in his article. Exercise is also important! It's also best to choose organic foods:http://bit. Ly/19xax7e.

How can I loose weight?

Use up the calories. Anything that uses energy (calories) will help one lose weight, as long as he doesn't eat or drink back more calories right after the activity. Examples: if walking, take a longer route; use stairs instead of elevators; take multiple trips to and from the car when unloading groceries; park a block from school and walk there with the kids; at home, skip dessert and go walk around the block instead.

How can I loose weight?

Weight loss. There is no one plan fits all. In general eat less and exercise more. Many structured plans can work ie weight watchers, 17 day diet, low carb. All have been successful for many.

How can I loose weight?

CHANGE LIFESTYLE. You must address 3 areas: (1) appetite control; (2) blood sugar regulation; and (3) metabolism. Get blood levels for leptin, Insulin receptors, and thyroid (incl., tsh, total t4, t3ria, rt3, and antibodies). Eat meals 3 x daily, keep calories <1400/d, chew food thoroughly before swallowing, and drink more water (e.g., 2l/d for 150#-200#, 2.5l/d for >200#, etc.). Increase activity (4 x weekly).
The healthy way. Ideally try to change your lifestyle including more exercise and healthier food. This is a very simple formula but it actually works long term.

How can I loose weight?

Eat less &amp; exercise. The key to losing weight is not a temporary diet but permanent changes. Sugars &amp; simple carbs from grains esp. Cause weight gain. It's also wise to avoid fried foods. I like Dr. Furhman's diet: http://tinyurl. Com/ktampgg Dr. Weil has useful info: http://tinyurl. Com/m8avwzh See his "discuss that" link in his article. Exercise is also important! Slow &amp; steady is the way to go- be patient &amp; persist.

How can I loose weight fast?

Below. Just as you gain wt slowly, you will loose wt slowly. Any of the "fast Weight loss" programs do not result in long term wt loss. If you consume less calories than you burn during the day, you will loose wt. Here is web site to calculate the calories you need during the day. Http://www. Caloriecount. Com/tools/calories-goal.
Loosing weight too. Fast can be dangerous. See your doc first, and then consider lower carb and higher protein intake. Exercise daily if possible, even brisk walking 20-30 minutes is helpful. Above all, like yourself and others no matter what the scale says. Peace and good health.

How can I loose weight easily?

Stop Bad Foods/Drink. The easiest way to lose weight quickly without exercise is to identify why you gained the weight. Here is a list of the top 6 causes of weight gain, in order of the most important first. If you are dirnking sugary drinks (soda, juice, gatorade) find 0 sugar drinks, if you are eating bk, chose ham sandwich, if you are skipping breakfast have a thin bagel w cheese, simple -2 changes only are needed!
Weight loss simple. The simple equation for weight loss. Less calories taken in (food) and more calories going out (daily activity). Note: most people do not realize they take in close to 3500 calories per day, but only may need 2000. The excess calories equals added weight. Important to eat small meals every 3 hours to keep blood sugar level and avoid cravings. It can be easy -- look into take shape for life, .

How can I loose weight healthy?

Make it last. There is more than one way to loose weight, but in the end you want something that you can sustain over the long hall. Goals: small meals every 3-4 hrs, no skipping meals, make colorful veggies the main part of each meal, use lean meats & protein sources, avoid fast food & soda, greatly limit juice, drink mostly water, eat fish 2-3x/wk, and exercise 5x/wk. I'd start with 1 thing and gradually add another every week or two until you're doing all of them. Also, allow yourself a treat every so often (ie if you like chocolate have a small piece every week & be okay w/ that.).
Set a goal. Calculate your bmr, current weight x 13 and subtract 500 (daily total calories) for every pound of weight you want to lose each week. Do a minimum of 20 minute duration exercise to increase your BMR for 48 hours. High protein low carb low fat diet and drink 64 oz water daily. Multivitamins and remove low glycemic index carbohydrates from diet.

How can I loose weight more quickly?

Diet/exercise. The most effective way to lose weight is to decrease calories and increase exercise. However, very rapid weight loss can actually harm the body. It is best not to lose more than 1-2 pounds per week. Cutting calories to less than 1200 per day can also be dangerous. It is a good idea to check with your doctor before going on any diet or exercise program if you have any ongoing medical problems.
Slow is safest. You do not want to lose more than 1 to 2 pounds per week. That is the safest and easiest way to keep the weight off. Best way to lose weight is increase exercise and watch what you eat.