I ate peanut free fruit snacks went outside to shovel snow and came in bc I was having an allergic reaction could this be food induced anaphylaxis?

Maybe. What was the allergic reaction? Shortness of breath while shoveling snow could be a side effect (no offense) but being out of shape (i am too), but also cold air is classic for causing shortness of breath, runny noses, coughing, wheezing, redness, flushing, etc.... See an allergist to have some testing before chalking up whatever reaction you had to an allergy. Hope this helps.
Cold urticaria? The exposure to cold air can induce hives in some people too.
Other suggestions. In some circumstances there are both food and exercise related allergic reactions (FEIA). Food reactions tend to occur within 1-2 hours of eating. I would recommend a follow up visit.