Does a parent have the right to refuse to get their child mental health treatment?

There are legal . standards for medical neglect. Examples are if a child's behavior is a danger to himself/herself or others, if a child is a victim of any type of abuse, molest or neglect, or if a psychiatric disorder like anorexia or bulemia has serious medical consequences, even death, courts usually support the mental health provider's reccommendations. Parents' reasons for refusing care should be explored.
Variable issue. In most states, parents are "granted" rights based on the premise that they will make decisions that correspond to the best interest of the kid.If a parent refuses care, the state may decide it amounts to parental neglect & remove the parent from the process.Those who come in contact with kids are often required by law to report such refusal.Discuss with your attorney & act with care.
Refuse to help. Parents do have the right to refuse their child mental health treatment up to a point. The bigger question to me is why would a parent refuse to provide treatment to a child? A parent's job is to raise happy and healthy children. Always put your children's needs at the top of your list. Don't make a decision that you might learn to regret. If you choose therapy, find a child specialist.