I have acne and scars. Is laser effective in healing thescars? Are there any side effects of laser?

Lasers for acne scar. Lasers can decrease the depth and severity of acne scarring. Realize it probably will not completely take the scar away. Furthermore several treatments may be necessary to see the optimal effects.
Laser may help. There are many different lasers which can be very effective but the results will vary depending on the chromophore, targeted tissue, energy, provider experience, etc.
Safe. Co2 fractionated laser is an excellent option to treat acne scars. Usually more than one session will be necessary for a marked improvement. Depending on the degree of scarring other procedures can be performed as well. The most common side effects is hyperpigmentation which is reversible overtime.
Lasers may help. I agree with dr. Chang. I would add that some lasers may not be recommended for darker skinned individuals.