Have fibrocystic breast disease. Ultrasound shows 1cm well circumscribed breast nodule and doc wants biopsy? Normal procedure?

Yes. Core needle biopsy is routine procedure for any mass found on mammography or ultrasound. It doesn't sound like it is cancer, but the reason you had the ultrasound in the first place is to see if there were anything that your doctor can't feel on exam, right? Now that they see something, you need to find out what it is. By doing a biopsy, you will know for sure.
Being careful. Solid breast nodules can have features that warrant biopsy. Most turn out benign and it is wise to have confirmation by needle biopsy.

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H/o fibrocystic breast disease. End of period and now feel achy under arm left side. Is this normal or is it always Before a period?

Could be anytime. Hello, The breasts are hormone sensitive and since there can be breast tissue in the under-arm area it is very likely that this tisse is responding to the period hormones. Since there are hormones present at varying levels throughout the month you may have swelling, tenderness or a variety of symptoms at any time.

Did self breast exam. Feel several small lumps in armpit. It itches and pains. Have fibrocystic breast disease. What is cause? Is this normal

You need a real exam. Preferably with a surgeon and possibly mammography. ..
Common problem. Fibrocystic disease/changes is very common in women. This is most often seen during the menstrual cycle. Breast feel lumpy and painful which is caused by cyst formation (fluid filled areas) due to hormonal changes. Some women may have these changes without being on their menstrual cycle. Caffeine may cuase the cysts to be overactive resulting in pain. This is not related to cancer. Http://www.

Does fibrocystic breast disease affect breast size at all and will it go away?

It could. Fibrocystic breast disease, depending on the extent, can cause some swelling of the breasts, particularly in cycles with menstruation - during those times it may feel more engorged for some women. It may persist for many years, perhaps getting less prominent when you are postmenopausal and your breasts become fattier.

Does anyone else have fibrocystic breast disease? Tell me why can't you eat chocolate or have coffee?

Yes, very common. This is a very common condition. You are asked to decrease or eliminate coffee and chocolate because they contain caffeine. In most cases, caffeine causes the cysts to be more active and cause breast pain. This condition is the most common cause of breast pain.

Do fibrocystic breast disease and ovarian estrogen have any kind of relation to each other?

Yes. Estrogen levels can cause the fibrocystic changes to be more active which causes increased lumpiness and breast pain.

Can a healthy diet help prevent fibrocystic breast disease?

Fibrocystic disease. Yes and especially when all the nutrients are supplied. Avoid iodine deficiency in particular. You can do this by taking kelp tablets every day.
Normal breast tissue. All breasts are fibrocystic. When the breasts get sore and lumpy during your period, this is fibrocystic change. These changes can also occur due to increases in caffeine intake, stress and hormone use. So in essence, you can't get rid of fibrocystic breasts but you can improve the symptoms related to them (see some of my other posts on breast tenderness/fibrocystic breast disease).

Can severe fibrocystic breast disease cause enlargement of the armpit overall not lymph nodes?

Yes. Yes, it can. The breast tissue extends into the lower part of the armpit. This breast tissue can react in the same way as the rest of the breast does.
Yes. If fibrous cysts are in the tail of the breast which reaches up to the axilla.