Bad pain in the inside of both elbows from attempting to do pullups, was told it is tendinitus what can I do to rid of pain?

Avoid painful action. Golfer's elbow(aka medial epicondylitis) is partial pulling off of the tendons/muscles that flex the wrist and turn the palm down. Pain says you're stressing an injured area and making it worse. Avoid pain. Don't tough through it.Try pull ups w palms down instead of up. If still painful, stop pullups and do any other exercises for the same muscle groups that don't hurt. May take 1-2 yrs. Brace?
Proper technique. Do slow controlled deadhang pullups with a slow descent. Avoid kipping & swinging. Avoid locking out your elbows at the bottom of the pull up. You can get some more tips here: http://www.Glutenfreesociety.Org/wp-content/uploads/injuryfreepulluppo.Pdf listen to your body and take things slowly. Good luck.