I do not like taking prescription pain meds such as vicodin, norco, (hydrocodone and acetaminophen) or oxycontin. What can I do?

A good thing, Actually. Liking these drugs is a prescription for future problems. If whatever pain you're dealing with is not alleviated by nsaids or related drugs, a trip to your pcp is in order.
Don't take them. Non narcotic analgesics may be an option. You don't state the reason for your pain but massage, chiropractic treatment, accupuncture and biofeedback may all be options.
Cannabinoids. In states where cannabis approved for medical conditions pain has been effectively treated by hashish extracted absent heat, which activates the psychotropic compound thc. Medullary centers are devoid of cannabis compound receptors ; respiratory arrest impossible. Patients who suddenly discontinue lack cravings ; have no autonomic driven withdrawal symptoms; however familiar pain recurs.

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I cannot find a dr that will prescribe me the pain meds I need. Norco (hydrocodone and acetaminophen) isn't working anymore. What can I do? I don't have insurance.

Severe pain. Try over the counter non steroidal antiinflammatory drugs (many brands, ask the pharmacyst), but make sure you also take them with meals and a lot of fluids to protect your stomac from ulcers and your kidneys. You may need to take also antiacids if your stomac starts to heart.
Need further eval. Your conditions list "all over body pain, arms tingling, back pain." further evaluation as to the source of this by your pcp, and if no answer, then a neurologist. Neuropathic pain can respond to other medications that are not in the narcotic family. Additionally, if things remain severe and incapacitating, a pain management specialist, as a consultant, can provide much wisdom to help too.

I went to ER 2 days ago 4 migraine. Pain meds wore off after 2 hr. Still have it I took 6 norco (hydrocodone and acetaminophen) with no relief. What can I do?

Find a. Neurologist or a family physician or an internist that are comfortable in dealing with migraines. If you don't have insurance than you might just have to pay out of pocket but it will be worth it in order to be managed on a treatment plan that prevents migraines.
See a neurologist. And confirm the diagnosis. He will help you develop a better tratgy for treating your migraines. However, if you have any neurological changes go o th er right away for an evaluation.

If I was leaving on vacation and couldn't get in to see my pcp. What route should I go in order to obtain a prescription for norco (hydrocodone and acetaminophen). I have metal screws in my ankle and am constantly in pain.?

Norco (hydrocodone and acetaminophen) refill. I am sorry to hear this. We are unable to help with this type of medication. By law, one must be seen by a physician.
I think the best. Thing to do is plan in advance….you can always try an urgent care center. Though, narcotics are getting tricky and people may not want to prescribe them not used to your case...
Preparation is key. These days there is more concern regarding appropriate opioid (pain killer) prescribing. If you were to call anyone else you most likely would not be issued a Rx. Your PCP could fill this with efax (if your State allows) if you were due to get these meds. It is really your responsibility to plan on obtaining a controlled substance Rx ahead of travel plans.
Call. If you have been receiving pain meds from a specific doctor, you would need to continue to get your medications from that doctor. If you get it from another doctor it may result in you being discharged from the first doctors care. You may not have to be seen, you might be able to simply call for a refill.