My 5 yr. Daughter came down with a rash all over. Dr said it was a reaction to laundry det. Since then it has gotten worse. Any sugg?

Get seen. Laundry soaps are a general wast basket reason for lots of rashes. Maybe it is but there are many causes of rashes from irritants, anything topical applied to the skin, medications, illnesses by viruses or bacteria, allergic reactions to other things and maybe just idiopathic (no known reasons). See a dermatologist or an allergy specialist if your child continues to be sick or ill.
Avoid scented soaps. Is it itchy? Have you given her benadryl (diphenhydramine)? Are you avoiding scented soaps and lotions? I usually recommend dove soap, aveeno or eucerin lotion and dye free detergents. Was she treated with a topical steroid? If she has been treated and it is worsening it could be something else, so i would recommend a return visit to her doctor.