Are there any natural remedies for ed?

Natural? The most natural remedy for most ED is a great attitude, a great relationship, mutual understanding, great romance, foreplay, locus of control, attention to sensate focus, treatment for underlying guilt, depression and great communication. There aren't many other effective "natural" treatments. Rise to the ocassion and elevate your sexual function.
Not really ... There are not really any natural remedies for ED around although many named brands for ED abound. But, the ingredients in those may include: multiple vitamins, ginseng, yohimbine, L-arginine, some other amino acids, ginkgo biloba, garlic, minerals, etc. All those have failed to stand the standard test of random double-blinded clinical study. Clinically, these may help some while erectile deficit..
Check your T. There are few remedies that are effective for ed, and those that are are marginally effective. Things that raise the nitrous oxide levels could help. The Amino Acid l-arginine is known for this, and has anecdotally been shown to help. I'd recommend having your testosterone checked if you are experiencing ed at such a young age. Tribulus is a natural remedy thought to raise t. Again see your doc!