How do I get bubble gum out of hair?

Peanut butter. If you and those around you are not allergic to it, take some peanut butter and vigorously rub it into the gum. Repeat as often as you need and then wash the hair. I think you will be surprised.
Peanut butter. Rub it in thoroughly, wash it out. Repeat as necessary. Of that doesn't work, try WD-40. If that doesn't work find a good hair stylist. If you'll pardon the pun, bad case of gum disease.
Cut it off. Time for new haircut!. That is the easiest and most practical way.You can certainly buy glue/gum remover and use it.Ask yourself is it worth the trouble? Then next time you will be more careful.It does not matter whose fault it is.Hair style comes in different shapes and form nowadays!